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1936 Mercedes 540k Replica Baron-Rare 4 Seater w/V8


1936 Mercedes 540k Replica Baron-Rare 4 Seater w/V8, 2 tone white/black fenders

Just in time for top down summer cruisin!!!

These cars are getting very hard to find now, with the V8 Engines, which make them very peppy indeed, & more stable on highways as well, with the added weight.

Has a C-4 automatic transmission, & very easy to drive. nice large rear seat, thats sits the passengers a bit higher up, for better visibility.

Has roll up glass side windows & extra side curtains for the passengers, full nylon convertible top, locking rear trunk, burlwood dash & custom steering wheel, classic styled black faced gauges, rich soft cream seats with light tan seat belts, locking slam type doors, full steel frame, 302 V8 5.0 liter Ford motor,

Front disc brakes, headrests in seats, glovebox, & we will add a pair of trumpet horns, 2 amber fog lamps, 4 chrome bumper uprights/overiders, & our custom oval euro tag-so it will be dressed up a lot more than in the photos.

Car cost well over $46,000. to build in 1990 & is titled as a 1990 Classic, since the car is from Classic Roadsters, in Fargo North Dakota.body is all solid fiberglass with a gelcoat finish like a boat, so maintenance is very easy, & all parts are Ford & cheap to obtain-no rocket scientist needed !! car has only 6900 miles in 15 years, which is not much  for sure.

Has 4 chrome rims with wire baskets & wider white radials, & like the 2 million dollar originals, it also has the side supercharger pipes-just for show, also a nice badge bar & running boards, etc. car is just under 15 feet long, with 108" wheelbase, 65"wide, 51" high, & the weight is 2000 pounds, & has a boot for the top, tinted windows, pinstripes, and a 2 piece front windshield.

A lot of car for only € 47,900.!

We can ship it to your door.


T/F: 02151-540566, Mobil: 0174-8710976 und  T-Nr.   0175-77 99 739

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